All about rubbish

Thank you to the brilliant Eco Club members in Year 1 and Year 2 who have been finding out all about rubbish.
We have learnt about where rubbish goes and what is wrong with litter. We also met a little seal pup who told us why we don't want litter to blow away into the sea where it can harm animals. Eco Club members helped to do a whole school assembly to share what they had learnt and afterwards the children were keen to pick up litter and use the recycling bins.
Some of us thought about how an eco campaign works and how to influence other people to look after the planet. We made posters about rubbish and spoke to the whole class about keeping tidy.
We made compost from leaves instead of putting them in the rubbish. There were lots of mini beasts in the rotting leaves - it was so much better for wildlife than the rubbish tip. We also made a garden using home-made compost and recycled materials. 
When we had some things to throw out, we didn't put them in the bin. We went on an outing to the local charity shop and took them there. We learnt about how our old toys would be reused to make money for charity. We also bought a book for school that someone else had finished with.