20TH - 24th June 2016 
To teach the children about the importance of staying healthy, we organised lots of exciting and fun things for them to take part in during the week.
We held an Olympic Sports Event on Thursday 23rd June with the Year 5 children who kindly came down to help out.
Sports Morning on Friday 24th June was a great success as usual, and thanks again to the Year 5 children.
Thanks to all of you who managed to walk, scoot or bike to School for all or part of Healthy Week despite the weather not being as nice as we had hoped. 
Do feel free to continue to do so, to cut down on the busy traffic outside School as well as promoting physical activity!
Jump Rope For Heart Skipping Event
Wednesday 22nd June
Here are some photos of the children skipping. We raised £407 for the British Heart Foundation, so well done and thank you!